How To Make A Simple Organic Garden Soil

organic garden soil

There have been a lot of questions around facebook pages and groups regarding organic garden soil making. Or how one makes organic garden soil. If you don’t want to make one yourself, you can always buy one from organic gardening stores. However, for the purpose of this article, I am going to share with you how to make your garden soil in a very simple way using materials that are found around your backyard or in your garden area.

The process is not that difficult at all. Here is how.

#1. Look for sandy loam soil, clay loam, or any type of soil that has plenty of humus in it.

top soil

Humus are the broken down organic mater found on top of the soil. They are usually found on the top 1 foot of the ground.  A good way to determine if your soil has plenty of organic mater in it is that it usually is NOT compacted. Compacted soil is a sign of low humus or organic mater content which equates to poor aeration and poor nutrient contents.

#2. Get animal manure or droppings, poops.

organic manure

The following animal poops are best used in organic garden soil. Cow and Carabao dung, Chicken manure, Goat droppings. They are ruminants animals, which means that they digest organic matters like plants and grasses well. Crush or pulverize them and left it to dry under the heat of the sun. This is to kill bad bacteria that may otherwise do damage to your plant later. You may also mix them together if these manures are available to you.

#3. Gather the dry leaves that are lying around your garden.

organic garden soil

Cut the dry leaves into smaller pieces. Adding dry leaves brings many benefits to your plants and garden. The dry leaves will help in the aeration, and preventing the soil to compact. Dry leaves add the needed carbon to your garden soil as well. Carbon are good source of food for earth worms and other natural garden helpers. If rice hulls are available in your area, you can mix in the same amount into your garden soil mixture.

#4. Dry some egg shells for 2-3 days under the sun

organic garden soil

Pulverized egg shells add Calcium and micro nutrients to your garden soil. Don’t forget to pulverize the egg shells to make the nutrients readily available for your plant to absorb. I read plenty of comments that says, that it is enough to just crush the egg shells and mixed it into the soil. That is  not the case. Calcium and other nutrients in egg shells are not readily absorbable to your plant. it must be pulverize to tiny pieces.

Mixing the ingredients of your organic garden soil.

Mixture :

  • For every 5 gallon container of garden soil, mix in one-half(1/2) container(2.5 gallon) of animal manure.
  • Add half container of dry leaves
  • Add around a handful of pulverized egg shells.
  • Mix them thoroughly. Do not add water. Just mix them with a shovel.

And there you have it! My simplest way of making my own organic garden soil using available materials around the garden.

You can use this organic garden soil mixture right away!

Happy organic gardening!