Simple Do It Yourself Organic Compost Recipe

compost recipe

The last article I published was about How To Make A Simple Organic Garden Soil

.Today I would like to share a simple Do-It-Yourself organic compost recipe.

Things to remember before making an organic compost by yourself.

1. No digestion will take place without the presence and activity of microorganisms
2. Carbon and Nitrogen have to be supplied in order for microorganisms to do its work. Carbon provides energy while Nitrogen provides the necessary protien needed by the microorganisms to multiply.


1. Right proportion of Carbon and Nitrogen must be maintained throughout the process.

2 parts Nitrogen to 3 part Carbon.

Low Nitrogen will result in slow composting. High Carbon will will eat up the nitrogen. Low Carbon – pile will not heat up and no digestion will take place.

2. Raw materials for Carbon and Nitrogen can easily be found around the farm

High Carbon materials are:

saw dust, fresh wood trimmings, straw, tree leaves.

Carbon/Nitrogen in good proportion can be found in:


horse manure, carabao manure, cow manure, goat manure, and hay.

High Nitrogen sources are

manure composts, grasses, garden wastes, chicken manure, kakawate/madre de cacao.