Ano ang Sagka Palawan

sagka pilipinas
Sagka Palawan/Pilipinas = Samahang Gala Kalikasan ng Palawan/Pilipinas
Meaning of SAGKA: skid; piece of wood, etc., on a wheel or cart
Sagka is for safer eco-tourism, mountainering and Forest Exploration.
Ang pangunahing activity:
  • advocate forest and natural resource conservation,
  • environmental protection,
  • appreciation of local eco-tourism ng palawan at ng buong bansa
  • river trekking,
  • organic farming technologies,
  • research consultation,
  • rescue operations assistance
 We provide advocacy and information drive sa baranggay level, provincial level, national level, and international level.. through social media and other relevant information websites.. the aim of which is to gather support for the conservation of the last frontier and the country for the enjoyment of the next generation nature enthusiasts.